What are the 2023 Kia Seltos Technology Features?

Close-up of Seltos display screen

The Seltos only just debuted in the Kia lineup a few years ago, but it’s already one of the top SUV choices across our selection. It got popular quickly thanks to its subcompact size, ability to combine the highlights of other Kia SUVs, and by extending to drivers a long list of comfort, safety and tech features. It’s the technology features that we’re going to focus on today, showcasing some of the most popular and engaging tech systems found on the Seltos, which all truly foster a modern drive that makes every drive the ultimate breeze. Read on as we at North Edmonton Kia take a look at the 10.25-inch navigation screen, wireless charging and heads-up display features that truly make the 2023 Seltos the perfect SUV for any driver in 2023 and beyond.

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10.25-inch Navigation Screen

The 2023 Seltos is home to a variety of tech features that you’d swear were of the future and not something so readily available today. The available 10.25-inch navigation screen effortlessly blends into the modern dashboard of the vehicle, creating not only a stylistic look but a home base for your connectivity as well. This high-definition screen is home to all of your onboard features, from navigation to music to messaging and more. You can even utilize it with a split-screen display to enjoy fun and function at the same time: navigation on one side and your entertainment on the other.

Close-up of Seltos wireless charging area

Wireless Charging

We’re willing to bet that your own home has seen a lot fewer cords found around it over the years. Your 2023 Seltos is joining the fray as well, all thanks to the wireless cellphone charger ability found in the vehicle. Conveniently located in the central dashboard, the wireless charging area provides a welcome home for your phone to charge, without the necessity of cords. All you have to do is put the phone down on the tray and drive, knowing your phone will be ready and juiced up by the time you get to your destination.

Heads-Up Display

It may seem that with the advent of so much new technology added into modern vehicles that they may become a distraction for those driving. All of these features have been added with a strong backing of safety, whether that’s voice control or being displayed right in the driver’s eyeline, such as with Heads-Up Display. This feature will project your important vehicle information directly in front of the driver on the windshield, allowing you to stay ahead of the latest instrument cluster and display screen information without having to divert your gaze from the road ahead.

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