How to Prevent Your Vehicle From Overheating?


The hot summer months are almost here and when the temperatures begin to rise, so do the chances of your vehicle’s engine overheating. Now is the best time to learn how to prevent your engine from overheating, so you don’t get left stranded on the side of the road. Below, you’ll find the top five ways you can help keep your engine from overheating while driving.

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5 Tips to Keep Your Engine From Overheating

  1. Check Your Engine’s Coolant Levels. When driving in the warmer months of summer, your engine is more likely to overheat when compared to colder months. When the temperatures rise, your engine can heat up more than normal. To help keep your engine from overheating, keep an eye on your coolant levels.
  2. Check the Temperature Gauge. The temperature gauge in your vehicle offers you a look at your engine’s temperature and its oil. When driving in the summer you’ll want to make sure you keep an eye on your vehicle’s temperature gauge when driving to make sure it does not get too hot and overheat. If the temperature gauge does get hot, pull over and wait for it to cool down.
  3. Have Your Radiator Flushed. To be more proactive and help keep your engine from overheating in the summer, flush your radiator to ensure all the dirty fluid is replaced with clean and fresh coolant.
  4. Turn On the Heat. Avoid overheating your engine by turning on the interior heat when the temperature gauge gets too high.
  5. Make Sure Your Vehicle is Ready for the Heat. Keep your vehicle from overheating this summer by scheduling automotive service to ensure it’s ready to drive during the hot summer months.

Help get your vehicle ready for the higher temperatures of summer by contacting the service department at North Edmonton Kia. We can help get your vehicle ready for summer and keep your engine from overheating by flushing out its radiator and filling it up with fresh coolant.

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