Is Synthetic Engine Oil Better for Your Car?

Oil being poured into an engine

Benefits of Synthetic Engine Oil

An oil change is an essential automotive service that helps keep your vehicle running smoothly while also keeping your engine protected. Changing your vehicle’s engine oil helps to protect your engine from tiny particles that can damage critical components. What kind of engine oil should you use when getting an oil change and is there one that is better for your vehicle? Here, you’ll learn more about the benefits of synthetic engine oil and why it may be a better choice for your vehicle.

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Why You Should Use Synthetic Engine Oil

Synthetic engine oil offers more benefits than conventional oil, making it a smart choice for most when getting an oil change. Synthetic oil delivers greater protection compared to conventional oil because a higher-quality base oil is used in its production. While conventional engine oil does offer adequate lubrication, it just doesn’t compare to the protective qualities of synthetic engine oil. View some of the benefits of synthetic engine oil below, and you’ll find out why you should use it.

  • Keeps your engine cleaner
  • Reduces engine wear and tear
  • Protects against high temperatures
  • Controls oil breakdown better than conventional engine oil
  • Reduce the amount of build-up that can form on engine parts

The next time your car, SUV or pickup truck requires an oil change in Edmonton, AB, please consider the superior protection qualities of synthetic engine oil. The experienced and highly-trained automotive technicians at North Edmonton Kia can help you choose the best engine oil for your vehicle. Stop by or contact us today to schedule your next oil change.

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