FWD VS. AWD: Which Do You Really Need?

FWD vs. AWD: which do you really need? This is one of the most important things you need to consider when shopping for your next Kia ride. After all, buying a new vehicle is one of the major financial investments you would ever make. Thus, it helps to get every bit of information you can gather about your target vehicle. So, what exactly should you choose between the two?

FWD vs. AWD: Which do you really need?

The direction of the engine power is basically what draws the line between an all-wheel drive and a four-wheel drive. For instance, the engine power is directed to the front axle of the vehicle if you have an FWD type of car. For AWD, the engine power simply goes to two axles, the front and rear. Although most cars have FWD systems, more and more models are coming out with AWD.

What to Choose

So, what exactly should you choose between the two? FWD vs. AWD: which do you really need? With their distinct and significant features, choosing the right Kia is the key to finding your ideal vehicle. There are several factors that can help you narrow down your choice. Remember these important points and see if an FWD or AWD is the right match for you:

l  Consider the terrain and weather conditions that you will most of the time be driving in. How much ice and snow will you be dealing with in some terrains at a particular time of the year?

l  Consider the possibility that you might be driving in high altitudes or otherwise

l  Consider the location where you live in terms of the rainfall possibilities. How often and how much rain do you get per year?

l  Consider the regular roads and terrains that you are driving on. Do you deal with gravel and dirt roads on a daily or regular basis?

All these factors can affect the way you drive and the things that you need from your vehicle. Having an FWD or AWD can also make a world of difference thus, highlight these factors in your comparison checklist.

The FWD Rationale

The benefits of owning a vehicle with four-wheel-drive system are quite hard to resist. FWD vs. AWD: which do you really need? If you have an SUV or car with FWD, you enjoy a less complicated system. Your vehicle is more fuel-efficient and you get remarkable traction especially for terrains with uphill climb conditions.

The AWD Rationale

As for AWD vehicles, power and strength are on the next level. It is the ideal match for you if you are regularly dealing with snowy or off-road terrains. That’s because AWD vehicles have improved traction, which is made for such conditions. Thus, they are heavier and tougher than their FWD counterpart.

FWD vs. AWD: which do you really need? It all depends on your driving preferences and the factors that affect your driving every day. You can get more important details and advice from our consultants at North Edmonton KiaContact us now!