How Kia Active Safety Measures Work

Kia is the top brand in the auto industry, especially in the road safety department. So, what features are there to show how Kia active safety measures work? Do they make getting a Kia a much wiser investment you can make? We at Kia are fully committed to ensuring that you and your loved ones stay safe and sound while on the road. Most importantly, these safety features remain the same regardless of the terrain and weather condition.

How Kia Active Safety Measures Work

The good news is that you have overflowing features to check out if safety is what you’re most concerned about. Every year, Kia is consistently making upgrades and updates on our system, making sure we’re on top of our game. So, what are the active safety measures of our vehicles regardless of the category they belong to? And most importantly, do they work effectively?

Premium Body Structure


How Kia active safety measures work in terms of its body structure? We are proud of our top-notch technology that works in terms of functionality and style. Our vehicles’ body structure is made from ultra-tensile steel. This surface frame plays a crucial, pivotal role, particularly in styling and crash safety. The steel’s hot stamping technology increases its rigidity to boost its crash safety rating.

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist


How Kia active safety measures work in terms of avoiding impact? One of the top features of our Kia vehicles is the improved FCAA measures. The FCA system mitigates and avoids accidents through automatic braking and warning. The front bumper features radar and the windscreen monitor has a camera that works for pedestrians and hazardous horizons.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System


This is one of the remarkable safety features of our Kia collections. The system allows you to monitor what is happening on the inside of your car. The air pressure monitoring of the tire lets you know if one is under-inflated, which indicates its position.

Emergency Stop Signal


How Kia active safety measures work with this emergency stop signal? The abrupt braking technology is a great feature that will keep you safe all the way. The brake lamp rapidly blinks, alerting other cars behind you signaling danger when it happens.

Vehicle Stability Management


Drivers will have more confidence in driving with this active safety measure. The Kia vehicle makes constant monitoring of the road conditions. Moreover, the car goes to automatic control of the car particularly when the road becomes bumpy. This control is on the steering wheel and brakes, ensuring more protection for your safety.

Forward Collision Warning


The driver gets audio as well as video warning for potential collision with the vehicle in front of them. On top of giving a warning to the driver, the system also results in a safe halt after it engages with the FCA system.

Other remarkable safety features of our Kia vehicles include Lane Departure Warning and the new and improved Airbags. Knowing how Kia active safety measures work is the first step to making the right decision and investment. Let us help you at North Edmonton KiaCall today!