Introducing the All New 2021 K5

Kia is all about the evolution and the remarkable development of our sedan series. 2021 will be a year that will see more and more enhancement in our sedan family. Introducing the all new 2021 K5 and witness the amazing evolution of the sedan with our unique Kia trademarks. You will fall in love and even develop a deeper passion for driving once more.

Introducing the All New 2021 K5 for You

Our brand new and latest sedan version highlights the highly advanced cockpit with driver-oriented features. It delivers stability with its fully enhanced wide-track suspension. The powerful turbocharged engines ensure seamless performance along with its up to 311 lb.-ft. Torque. There are more amazing and superb features that you will find irresistible with this sedan model.

Transforming your Fall Driving Experience

Starting with the exterior and interior features of the 2021 K5, you will immediately see why this is a great choice. So, yes, go ahead and stare because it deserves a second or third glance. Choose from a wide range of paint that will match your personality and style.

Some of the available paints include sapphire blue, glacial white pearl, everlasting silver, and wolf grey. You can also check out the gravity grey, passion red tint coat, ebony black, and crystal beige collections.

More Irresistible Features

Introducing the all new 2021 K5 with its GT-line amplifications on style and driving performance. What’s in store for you aside from the sport design exterior in various exciting shades? You can add the following outstanding features to complete your package:

l  The new 2021 K5 is fully equipped with the LED taillights and LED fog lights

l  It highlights the sport steering wheel for aesthetic and superior performance and control on the road

l  Discover the innovative GT-Line rear spoiler, grille, and bumpers

l  You will love the stylish charcoal headliner

l  It introduces the SynTex seating material trademarked with luxurious excellence along with sophisticated cloth seating

l  Experience the 10-way power driver’s seat that only Kia can deliver

l  It offers the 18” alloys for its 45-series performance tires

Turbocharged Power and More

Introducing the all new 2021 K5 that proves itself to be an authentic driver’s car, building a much faster acceleration. The turbocharging test track for this roadmaster proved so much better in terms of its overall handling performance. The results are certified by AMCI Testing through an independent test.

All-Weather and All-Terrain

We make sure that your Kia is made for all types of weather and terrains to give you unhindered road adventures. Thus, our latest model is fully equipped with such powerful and superb features. For instance, the 2021 K5 model is available in all-wheel drive for the optimal driving experience. This will make you handle all the changes in road or terrain surfaces for all types of weather.

Experience the ultimate adventure with your new match on the road. Introducing the all new 2021 K5 with all its powerful and seamless design. Want to learn more about our Kia collections? Get in touch with our experts at North Edmonton Kia now for details!