What are the Kia Vehicle Bluetooth Features?

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Bluetooth is one of the cornerstone technology features of Kia vehicles that makes your drive and connection to the outside world as seamless as possible. You can connect your phone to your Kia and enjoy such features as hands-free calling, text messages and audio streaming, all while being able to keep your focus trained on the road ahead. Read on as our North Edmonton Kia experts go over the top Bluetooth features found in your Kia, and how you can take advantage of them.

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Hands-Free Calling

Whether it be important business calls that can’t wait, or equally important catch-ups with your family that just can’t wait, making calls shouldn’t have to be delayed just because you’re driving your Kia. With Kia bluetooth you can make and receive calls without having to physically interact with the vehicle. Your mobile phone will be seamlessly connected to your Kia, and can even download your contact list into your vehicle’s infotainment system so you can conveniently access them on the go.

Get Text Messages

As easy as it is to call hands-free with bluetooth in your vehicle, we also live in an age where phone calls seem less and less frequent, with text messaging the go-to communication for people. You can still keep up with these texts while on the go thanks to the text reception notifications and also reply back to basic texts. Make sure you register your mobile phone with your Kia to take full advantage of these features.

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Stream Music

One of the best parts about getting behind the wheel is getting to jam out to your favourite tunes in the unique soundscape that is the cabin of your Kia. With your audio streaming-supported mobile phone, you can easily stream your favourite playlists, or that podcast you’ve been meaning to catch up with. If you’re sick of the latest song on your playlists, it’s simple to switch songs and get to something more your speed.

Kia Bluetooth Technology at North Edmonton Kia

Looking to get the most out of the Bluetooth technology in your Kia? If you need a little help getting everything set-up, or want to see all your Kia can do with its Bluetooth tech, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We can’t wait to show you the power of how Kia and Bluetooth create such a harmonious relationship.