How to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Summer Driving?

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Summer Auto Maintenance Tips

When summer arrives, you’ll want your vehicle to be ready for the heat the season brings. After a long cold winter, the frozen conditions can wreak havoc on your vehicle and cause a lot of problems going into summer. After winter is over and before summer begins, it’s a good time to schedule summer auto maintenance so you can have worry-free driving all summer long. Below, you’ll find five auto maintenance tips for summer that will help you get the confidence you need to take that summer road trip you’ve always wanted to go on no matter where you’re driving to.

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5 Auto Maintenance Tips for Summer

  1. Have Your Car Battery Tested. Winter can be cruel to a car battery. After winter and before summer begins, it’s recommended that you have your car battery tested to ensure that it is ready for summer.
  2. Have Your Fluids Checked. As summer arrives, it’s recommended that you have your vehicle’s fluids checked to ensure they are at their recommended levels.
  3. Have Your Brakes Checked. Brakes can take a lot of abuse during the winter months. Before summer arrives, you should have your brakes checked by an automotive professional to make sure they are ready for summer driving.
  4. Have Your Tires Inspected. After winter is over, you’ll want to swap out your winter tires for higher-performing summer tires.
  5. Have Your Windshield Wipers Inspected. The frozen temperatures of winter can do some damage to your vehicle’s windshield wipers. Before the rains of summer get here, be sure to have your windshield wipers inspected by a professional.

If you would like to get your vehicle ready for summer driving and would like to schedule an appointment for any or all of these auto maintenance procedures, please contact one of our expert technicians at North Edmonton Kia, today. These summer vehicle maintenance tips will help give you worry-free driving this summer.

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