What is Kia Navi?

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Kia Navi is a subscription service that is absolutely free for in-vehicle navigation updates. A navigation system doesn’t make much sense if it isn’t updated with the latest information and changes to the roads in your city. Kia Navi will update roads and highlight locations like restaurants and stores. This updated navigation will make sure you have the best route to your destination, allowing you to always save time. Read on to read more with us at North Edmonton Kia to learn about Kia Navi and how to get updates.

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How Kia Navi Works for You

Whether in a new city or just for peace of mind in your own city, Kia Navi goes to work, getting you where you need to go. It can be overwhelming driving in a new place, to begin with, let alone knowing where to go. Kia Navi uses its advanced technology to make this new location feel like you’re driving at home. On the other hand, Kia Navi comes in exceptionally handy even if you’re driving in your current city. You may find a quicker route than you’ve been using all these years, and will even show you new restaurants and stores that may be a visit. Make use of Kia Navi wherever you may be driving!

How to Get Kia Navi Updates

Cities, roads, stores and so much more change on a consistent basis, and a navigation system isn’t much good if it can’t keep up with said changes. The Kia Navi subscription services are easily able to be updated, so you always have the most recent information on hand. You can either let a dealership such as ours here at North Edmonton Kia do it for you (all you need to do is book an appointment) or sign up online, and you’ll be notified about available map software updates. Make sure to do so to keep your system with the latest information.

Get Kia Navi Assistance at North Edmonton Kia

Are you looking to get Kia Navi set up, or are looking for updates? Our team at North Edmonton Kia would be more than happy to help you out. Contact our team, today, and we’ll ensure you’re ready to navigate to your next destination without issue.