Why are Winter Tires Important for Driving in Edmonton?

Lineup of winter tires on a snow background

It’s no secret what a trying time it can be driving in Edmonton once the winter and the accompanying snow and ice hits. Not only that but it’s a driving season that takes up over half the year, demanding incredible patience and the best from your vehicle. One of the best ways you can combat these conditions, and feel safer in your own driving is to equip your Kia or off-make with a set of winter tires. Driving in Edmonton during the winter season with snow tires are crucial for your safe success in traversing our city, thanks to their many characteristics that allow them to outperform other types of tires, especially all-season variants. Follow along as we outline why winter tires are so important, when they should be installed and how to get them here at North Edmonton Kia for all of your Edmonton winter-time driving.

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The Benefits of Driving with Winter Tires

All-season tires seem to claim they’re good to go for winter travel based on their name alone, but that just equals nominal performance year-round, while winter tires are specifically-tuned to tackle tough winter conditions, which Edmonton driving offers in great supply, every year, without fail. Winter tires are a must for local Alberta driving, thanks to their many excellent features for the season. These include:

  • The rubber compound that makes up a winter tire is, perhaps, the most important as it’s made of a soft material that is able to remain flexible in freezing conditions, and easily being able to grab onto said snow.
  • Their deep treads work to provide a better grip on the road when snow may pack down and cover the pavement.
  • There are specifically-designed sipes built onto the tire that work to move the tire back and way.
Close-up of a winter tire driving on snow-covered road

When Should Snow Tires be Installed?

The first sign of snow on the ground does not equal your cue to get your winter tires installed. When the first flakes of snow hit the ground, your winter tires should already be put on. We like to gauge things by going off the 7℃ rule, wherein once the outside temperature consistently starts to hover below that mark, snow on the ground or not, it’s time to put them on. Winter tires succeed in general cold conditions, not just when the snow flies, so you’ll be set for both the cold pavement and when the snow touches down. The reverse of this guideline is true for when to switch off your winter tires for the Edmonton snow driving season, whenever it starts to hover above 7℃ it’s time to switch them off.

Shop Winter Tires at North Edmonton Kia

Who better to trust for your winter driving needs here in Edmonton than a dealership who has been helping customers in the heart of North Edmonton for years, here at North Edmonton Kia. We want you to be safe for the winter driving season, whether you’re preparing ahead of time, or you’re smack in the middle of winter and need some help to improve your vehicle now, or service and parts teams can provide you and your Kia with the best set of snow tires possible. Explore the many advantages of shopping for tires at North Edmonton Kia, then contact us, today, to start your purchase.

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