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Bob Aaltonen, Owner

Kurt Herring, CFO

Kurt was welcomed to North Edmonton Kia with opened arms just shy of a year ago and has brought with him a large knowledge base of dealership accounting and is a valued member of our team at North Edmonton Kia. 

Kurt can be called one of the bravest employees as he has to manage two chatty accounting ladies along with the dealership's head honchos.

If lost Kurt can most likely be found wandering any one of Alberta's best golf courses or wherever they are playing the latest hockey game. 

When at work Kurt can be found in his office 'crunching' the numbers so if you don't see him enough please feel free to come say hi... maybe research some previous sports/golf stats first.

Victoria Camus, Controller

She pays us so we can't say anything bad about her. But for real, her laugh will be the first thing you hear when coming up the stairs to accounting. When she isn't neck deep in paperwork, you can find Vickie chatting about her day, helping us to make it through another shift, or listening to a scary murder podcast while she works.

Nova Scotia born, her bright and loud personality will cheer you up right away. Just don't come talk to her before she's had her morning tea. When she isn't working you can find her out camping or curled up with a good book at home. Come say hi, but only if you've brought her snacks. Specifically, Reese peanut butter cups. 

Damon Beauregard, Photography & Digital

Alyssa Danforth, Administrative Assistant

Alyssa can be called the women of many roles - she comes from reception and slowly creeped upstairs until we felt bad telling her to leave so now she's ours to stay. 

Alyssa is literally everyone's favorite person with her quiet silly sense of humor and we all secretly know we couldn't survive without her. 

When not at work she is almost always found long boarding with her cat Moose or baking goods for North Edmonton Kia. But lets be honest, she almost always stays late to ensure everything is done!

Please feel free to stop her and say hi if you see her downstairs, she loves the distraction and is just too nice to tell you to leave her alone. 

Christine Kaul, Lead Receptionist

"Hello, thank you for calling North Edmonton Kia! How can I direct your call?" 

Christine is the lead receptionist at Kia, so she is the first face you will see when you enter the dealership. I am very sorry about that. 

She has a sweet, bubbly personality... after she has had her coffee. 

Christine has played rugby for 4 years and obtained 2 major concussions. She is always willing to help in any situation; it just may take her a second because her brain is scrambled up like the eggs you had for breakfast this morning. 

You may think picking up phones is an easy task, you are wrong. She was in school for 20 years to become a pro "phone picker upper."

She calls herself the CEO of Booking in Vehicles - whatever that means.

Kelsey Dewan, Receptionist



Mark Sakounkhou, General Manager

Gabriel Hallal, General Sales Manager

Chris Smallwood, Sales Manager

Dave Truong, Sales Manager

Michael Cooke, Internet Sales Manager

Matthew Smith, Marketing Manager



Carlos Mendiola, Sales & Leasing Consultant

David Edmondson, Sales & Leasing Consultant

Maxwell Sesay, Sales & Leasing Consultant

Stuart Henderson, Sales & Leasing Consultant

Ryan Barber, Sales & Leasing Consultant

Brayden Rose, Sales & Leasing Consultant

Jan Serrano, Sales & Leasing Consultant

Carlo Farala, Sales & Leasing Consultant

Andrew Thomson, Sales & Leasing Consultant

Jael Scott, BDC Manager



Rome DeLeon, Finance Manager


Special Finance

Jamie Caulder, Finance Manager



Jeremy Mah, Fixed Operations Manager

Kendall McCafferty, Service Consultant

Meet Kendall McCafferty. Our most experienced Service Concierge with North Edmonton Kia. Kendall has seen just about everything that can go sideways with a vehicle. There isn't too much she hasn't seen!

Often found with a Tim's Ice Cap in hand (and yes, you can bribe her with one), Kendall is always here for you. She is the early bird in the Service Department. She is the first one to open the store, turn on the lights, and get ready for our first customers of the day. Without her, our staff would be stumbling through the dark on those cold winter mornings. Reliable, knowledgeable, and very personable, Kendall makes North Edmonton Kia a great place to service your vehicle. Come on down to experience her customer service for yourself!

Nancy Leung, Service Consultant

Meet Nancy Leung. Our most Senior Service Concierge (not in years of service, but years of life!). Nancy is vertically challenged in stature and she is taller when sitting at her desk rather than standingHowever, when servicing our customers' vehicles at North Edmonton Kia, she towers over her height.  

Nancy is often seen keeping the Service Department fed. She is always trying her new recipes on them (like tasting guinea pigs) or shares what she has in her lunch box with them. She is often seen staying late in her shift, making sure customer vehicles are ready for pick up. Nancy has many years of Customer Service under her belt, and she is not afraid to use her expertise and knowledge. Nancy is very passionate about her work, a little particular, and an excellent ambassador on liaising with Team Tech between the customers and Technicians.

Tho Banh, Service Consultant

Hello, thank you for calling North Edmonton Kia Service Department. How can I help you?  

Meet one of our Service Concierges, Tho Banh (Sounds like Toe - either Pinky or Big Toe). Tho is usually found in the middle desk when you are at the Service Counter. Often seen behind the computer or on the phone. For any vehicle concerns, Tho will help you assist in finding the issue (with his Sherlock cap and his Technician Team) to verify and repair your concerns.  

Rice is Tho's favorite food. He eats it for breakfast, lunch and supper.  Rice serves as an energy booster for Tho. Without his daily intake of rice, Tho is often seen lethargic and hungry - on the lookout for substance to help him perform his best for our customers!

Jody Hand, Shop Foreman & Journeyman Technician

Gio Morales, 4th Year Apprentice Technician

Jonathan Carter, Journeyman Technician

Rynon Ramos, 1st Year Apprentice Technician

Styles Sutherland, 3rd Year Apprentice Technician

Robert Storey, Kia Professional Technician

Collin Rowles, KIA Professional Technician

Jaryd Luberda, KIA Professional Technician

Cory Bertrand, Service Porter & Detailer

Hunter Mayes, Shipping & Reciving, Kia Delivery Driver



Austin Mulligan, Parts Manager

Tanner Bilodeau, Parts Consultant


Lot Maintenance

Abmin Riguer, Lot Attendant