Get a Second Chance at Financing

In life, difficult events or poor decision-making can sometimes put us in a position in which our credit situation isn’t where we’d like it to be. In other cases, your credit may be non-existent. At North Edmonton Kia, we believe that everyone deserves not only a second but even a third chance.

In many cases, the events that cause our credit situations to fall apart are out of our control. At North Edmonton Kia, we don't judge. During your appointment with us, one of our financial experts will take the time to hear your story.

Get Pre-Approved for Financing Online in Alberta

No matter where your finances or credit stand, our team will work tirelessly to get you into the new or used Kia of your dreams. We’ll give you a chance to rebuild your credit even when others wouldn’t.

To learn more, contact us through our online contact form. We look forward to hearing your story.