Kia Protection Packages in Edmonton, AB

Kia Protection Packages at North Edmonton Kia

We know that you’re protective of your vehicle, and you deserve a little bit extra to make sure you always drive with peace of mind, no matter the Kia you choose. That’s why we’re happy to offer a variety of protection packages for your Kia from us here at North Edmonton Kia. Kia Protect includes a selection of products and protection that looks after everything on your vehicle, from its mechanical components to its physical appearance. Read on with us at your local North Edmonton Kia dealership as we outline all of these Kia Protect packages available to you.

Why Choose Kia Protect?

Why should you choose Kia Protect packages to help make your purchase and Kia ownership experience that much more secure? The services and coverages included in these Kia Protech packages are 100% supported by Kia Canada, and are not only represented and offered by our North Edmonton Kia dealership but are also upheld by any authorized Kia dealership across Canada. Of course, when we do have to make any repairs on your vehicle, or service it to ensure proper maintenance, we only use genuine Kia parts, which are installed by Kia certified technicians.

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Mechanical Breakdown

Kia Protect Mechanical Breakdown covers your Kia for parts and components that may break down over time. This extended warranty program ensures you’re able to keep your vehicle in proper working condition while also being kind to your wallet.

Eligibility Requirements

Your Kia has to be a model from the last 10 years, with less than 160,000 at the time of purchase.

Service Advantage

Set yourself up for success with Kia Protect Service Advantage, which lets you lock in service intervals on this pre-paid program. It’s flexible to your needs, allowing you to use them as immediate or delayed as you desire. Whatever your service needs on your vehicle may be, Service Advantage will cover you on terms that work for you.

Eligibility Requirements

Service Advantage is available within 6 months of your original in-service date, or less than 6,000 km.

MBP 5 Star Plus

Combine the services of both the Mechanical Breakdown Protection package and the Service Advantage package with MBP 5 Star Plus. This package is top-tier protection for your Kia, covering you in the event of a breakdown, and scheduling you for set maintenance intervals over the first couple of years, to stay on top of possible issues.

Eligibility Requirements

MBP 5 Star Plus is only available for 2017 model year and newer Kia models, and is not eligible on EV electric models.

Appearance Protection

We all want our vehicle to look as good as the day it rolled out of the showroom, and Appearance Protection from Kia is here to make that a reality. This package can be tailored to your desires and budget requirements, covering you for exterior and interior fixes and touch-ups.

Eligibility Requirements

This protection is available for private use Kia vehicles for the last 10 model years, and with fewer than 200,000 km on purchase.


Your Kia is a valuable part of your life, so help further protect it with Anti-Theft from Kia Protect. This package provides both protection from theft and additional support in the loss of your vehicle or working to recover it.

Eligibility Requirements

Anti Theft is available for both Kia vehicles and off-makes.

Excess Wear & Use

Make your Kia lease experience even more stress-free thanks to the Excess Wear and Use package. This package covers your Kia’s wear and tear costs at the time of lease end, so you can forget about being faced with a large repair bill when you turn in your Kia lease.

Eligibility Requirements

Excess Wear and Use protection is available on new Kia models leased through Kia Finance and with 24,000 km or less.

Loan Protection

Life happens, and you should always be prepared. Loan Protection helps to protect your finances in the unfortunate event of death, illness, loss of your job or injury. Prepare for the future and protect your finances through Kia Protect’s Loan Protection.

Eligibility Requirements

Loan Protection is available for those aged 17 to 71. No medical questionnaire is necessary.

Vehicle Loss Privilege Program

Protect what you’ve put into your Kia vehicle investment with the Vehicle Loss Privilege Program. You will receive an in-store credit if you lose your vehicle, so you can get back on the road in a Kia quickly.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible for all makes and models of Kia vehicles within the last 6 model years. This coverage must be purchased within 7 days of the vehicle purchase.

The Kia vehicle you buy here at North Edmonton Kia will be one of the top assets you possess and one of the biggest purchases you may make in your lifetime. It serves to reason that you should ensure that your vehicle is fully protected as best as possible to ease your own mind and financial obligations. Choose the right package(s) that’s right for your needs, and contact our North Edmonton Kia finance team for answers to any questions you may have regarding our Kia Protect packages.

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