Kids Up Front

North Edmonton Kia Donates $10,000 to Kids Up Front

North Edmonton Kia is excited to announce its partnered sponsorship with Kids Up Front. Kids Up Front is an organization dedicated to ensuring all kids have access to fun, enriching experiences. In 1989, the UN identified that it’s a basic children’s right to be able to engage in arts, culture, sports, and recreation activities. Through their work, Kids Up Front is on the right side of history playing a role in a world-class cause. Helping children meet their most basic rights to thrive and meet their full potential. The money North Edmonton Kia has donated will go directly to the 20th Anniversary fund for Events and Initiatives.

Why Kids Up Front?

North Edmonton Kia has agreed to partner in sponsorship with Kids up front for their 20-year anniversary. For 20 years, Kids Up Front has allowed hundreds of thousands of kids to have fun and experience the world around them! Kids Up Front believes that children become the best version of themselves when they have fun. They are more loving & caring, learn better, develop trusting relationships and even heal faster. The work that Kids Up Front does helps kids not only survive but thrive and meet their full potential.

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