Kia Parts & Accessories in Edmonton, AB

Our Parts Centre at North Edmonton Kia

Your Kia is a high quality vehicle that deserves that same attention, care and quality across its entire life, and especially when it comes to replacement parts, add-on accessories and tires. Genuine Kia parts and accessories ensure your Kia is supported by ones that replicate factory-quality fit, performance and durability for years to come (not to mention style & aesthetics as well). Our parts experts here at North Edmonton Kia can help you find, source and install genuine parts and accessories needed for your vehicle. Read on to learn more about all our parts department can do for you, and order, today.

Genuine Kia Parts

For the entire lifespan of your Kia you want to keep it as genuine and authentic as the day you drove it off the dealership lot. Doing so demands that you always use genuine Kia parts when it comes time for replacement. These Kia parts were designed specifically for your Kia model, ensuring a proper fit, finish, performance and reliability. Ignore aftermarket parts that were made for general vehicle use and only utilize genuine parts made from your vehicle, and supplied by us here at North Edmonton Kia.


Genuine Kia Accessories

Each and every Kia model is an expressive piece of automotive ingenuity, but there’s many more ways that you can upgrade and modify your vehicle to further match your personality, and make it just a bit more fun, safe and convenient out on the road. Genuine Kia accessories are available from our North Edmonton Kia dealership, covering a wide range of categories like style, security, cargo, entertainment and more. Like genuine parts, genuine Kia accessories were made specifically for your Kia and its design standards for a perfect fit, will stand the test of time, and come with a factory warranty. Click to learn more about our available accessories, and to shop now.


Tire Centre

We have many experts here at North Edmonton Kia, from service to parts to our tire experts who are here to help you find the right set for your Kia. Living in Alberta demands that you drive with the right set of tires for the current season, with our big road condition differences from summer to winter, so we’ll make sure your Kia always has the optimal set of tires. The potential of your Kia can only be achieved with the right set of tires, so let our team help match your model with a perfect set, from the best tire brands in the industry. Click here to visit our tire centre and shop today, from all-season to winter tires, and everything in-between.


Order Parts & Accessories Online

It’s simpler than ever in this day and age, as well as working with us here at North Edmonton Kia, to order the genuine parts & accessories you need for your vehicle. The process can easily start right here online, all it takes is you fill out our simple parts & accessories inquiry form below. We’ll reach back out to you and source the part or accessory you want. If you’re not too sure what you need, or just prefer an in-person meeting with one of our professionals, we can gladly accommodate that as well.