Genuine Kia Accessories in Edmonton, AB

Our Accessories Department at North Edmonton Kia

Are you looking to get the absolute most out of your Kia? If so, and why would you not, explore our many genuine Kia accessories that serve to outfit your vehicle with the very best. From style to performance to safety to technology to convenience and so much more, there are Kia add-on accessories that are here to make your drive that much easier and more fun. Express yourself through your Kia, and be prepared for any road you may travel down with genuine Kia accessories through our North Edmonton Kia parts department. Read on as we outline why Kia accessories are such a smart choice, the categories of accessories available, and how you can order yours, today.

Why Choose Kia Accessories?

There are three main reasons why it’s to choose officially branded and produced genuine Kia accessories. Their perfectly designed fit, durability and warranty ensure that you’ll live with your Kia accessories for a long time, and that they’ll keep performing as they should deep into the future. Let’s look at them in a bit more detail.
Close-up of Kia Carnival floormat

Designed for your Kia:

Each and every Kia accessory have been designed by our brand, and thus meets strict quality guidelines. These accessories are made to fit exactly in your Kia model, so that the best is acquired to match style, performance, size and more.
Kia accessory net in trunk of vehicle


If you pay good money for a genuine accessory for your vehicle, it should hold up in harsh conditions, and that’s exactly what Kia accessories do. Every accessory is tested before sale to meet various criteria referring to performance, reliability, durability and safety.
Front side overhead view of Kia driving in water with roof carrier


For extra peace of mind comes a factory-supported warranty with the purchase of your genuine Kia accessory.

Our Kia Accessories Selection

Many look to accessorize their Kia but aren’t entirely sure what options are available to do so with. Our accessory bundles are conveniently grouped in 4 top bundles that provide a variety of accessories to match your needs. Let’s look at these in-depth:


Few things go more hand in hand than living in Alberta and adventuring, and your Kia acts as the perfect vessel for your next journey. From camping to weekend getaways, there’s a variety of accessory options for your vehicle.

  • Roof Upright Bike Carrier
  • Cross Bars
  • Cargo Tray
  • Kayak Carrier


Summer may be the best time to go on a road trip, but the beauty of Alberta makes it a province to be seen year-around. From your next road trip to the beach or to the mountains, your Kia can be fit with the best accessories to handle your gear.

  • Roof Box
  • Cargo Cover
  • Cross Bars
  • Backseat Organizer


We know winer all too well living in Edmonton, which means you need to prep your vehicle for it when the season looms on the horizon. Perfect for your needs are many genuine Kia accessories that were made specifically for life in your vehicle when the temperatures get frigid.

  • Floor Liners
  • Ski & Snowboard Carrier
  • Cargo Tray
  • Block Heater


We all want our vehicle to perform and assist us as best as possible, but we also love to see it look as stylish as possible, too! Personalize your Kia and add a little extra flair with these available highlights to improve the look of your trusted vehicle.

  • Hood Deflector
  • Window Visors
  • Side Step
  • Sport Pedals

Order Accessories Online at North Edmonton Kia

Above is just a taste of what you can expect to find in our full Kia accessories catalogue. Whether you drive a Sportage, a Stinger, or anything in-between, our North Edmonton Kia accessories department can source you the best accessories for your vehicle. If you know what you’d like, fill out our form below to request your desired accessories, and we’ll get back to you to confirm. If you still require a bit more shopping and want to explore, contact our team for full assistance in finding the right accessories for your vehicle, or stop by our dealership for in-person help. We look forward to providing a hand in outfitting your Kia with genuine accessories, ones to match your personalized look.