Tire Shopping & Service in Edmonton, AB

Our Tire Centre at North Edmonton Kia

Find the perfect set of tires for your Kia at North Edmonton Kia. We carry a huge inventory of tires from the top brand names, so no matter your preference for manufacturer or tire type (from all-season to summer to winter), we’ll help you find the best match for your Kia. Our dealership is filled with Kia experts, including those who are here to help you shop for the perfect set, to those in our service department who will install them for you. Drive knowing your tires were installed by Kia technicians who are experts in each and every Kia model. For shopping, service and the best prices on tires, come visit our North Edmonton Kia tire centre, today.

Shop (and learn more about) winter tires for your Kia here.

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Shop for Tires Online & In-Person

Your Kia deserves the best of the best, that’s why it’s not just always just as easy as selecting any random set of tires and getting them installed on your Kia. Proper tires on your vehicle do a lot for it, from braking to handling to safety to ride quality to reduced noise to better gas mileage, so it’s crucial you find the right set for your model. We know there are a lot of manufacturers and options available, so it may be overwhelming for those not well versed in automotive tires. That’s where our Kia tire experts come in, who were specifically trained within the brand and who come with years of experience helping customers just like you. For those who’d rather take the search on themselves, you can easily shop here online by utilizing our tire shopping tool at the bottom of the page.

Tire Service & Maintenance

From tire pressure to wheel alignment to wheel balancing to proper rotation, there’s a lot that goes into a set of tires to not only ensure that they perform as they should, but also so that they enjoy a long and healthy lifespan. Our expert Kia tire technicians are well versed in not only your Kia but also the tires and wheels they ride on. If you need regularly scheduled maintenance or sudden repair on your Kia’s tires, our North Edmonton Kia tire shop is here to serve all of your needs. Whether it’s a new installation, vital tire change for the season here in Edmonton, a suspension alignment or anything in-between, our Kia tire technicians are the experts that you desire.

Kia Tire Price Match Promise

Our Kia Tire Match Promise is our commitment to your peace of mind knowing that you purchased the tires for your Kia at the best price possible. How this program works is that if you buy tires and later (within 30 days) find a competitor that has your exact same tires listed at a lower price, we’ll match and refund the difference. You can count on our North Edmonton Kia dealership to not only provide you with the best experts who know your vehicle better than any other but that we also have your back when it comes to receiving the best prices as well. Our guarantee of the best deal on tires is important to us and our valued customers who choose to shop and service at our dealership.

Shop for Tires at North Edmonton Kia

It couldn’t be any easier for you to start shopping for your next set of tires, as our online tire shopping tool below makes it as simple as can be. Click through to locate your exact year, model and trim of your Kia, then browse the wide selection of top brand tires we have available for you. If you’re more of an in-person type of shopper, we gladly welcome you to stop by our North Edmonton Kia dealership and shop hand-in-hand with one of our on-site Kia tire experts. Be sure to check our promotions page for any of the latest offers that may make your purchase even easier.