Winter Tires at North Edmonton Kia

Shop Snow Tires in Edmonton, Alberta

Living in Alberta we know the winter season unlike any other, and our North Edmonton Kia dealership is here to ensure your Kia is ready to tackle the cold and icy months with the best in performance and safety. Winter tires are specifically designed to succeed in cold weather conditions, both in terms of holding up to the frigid elements and providing top tier grip and traction. Read on to learn even more about why your Kia needs winter tires, their advantages, why you should buy them here at North Edmonton Kia, and how to shop now.

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Why Your Kia Needs Winter Tires

Driving during the winter is tough even in the best of times, and you need to give you and your vehicle the best opportunities possible to succeed during these times. Winter tires come with many advantages that put them far above other types of tires for the winter season. These include:

  • A special rubber compound that stays flexible
  • Deep treads for the best grip possible
  • Treads that push snow and ice away
  • Improves your stopping distance

When to Put Winter Tires on Your Kia?

Edmonton is a city of weather extremes, either hot summers or cold winters, and you need tires to match the conditions. But, when exactly is the best time to get your winter tires fit on your vehicle for the season. While you may assume it’s during winter itself when the snow hits the ground, that’s way too late. You need to be prepared well before then, as well as being able to beat the rush, so a good rule of thumb to go by is when the temperature consistently drops below 7℃. You can follow this same metric when it’s time to swap out your winter tires for all-season tires for the summer. When it’s tire change time, book with North Edmonton Kia.

Buy Winter Tires at North Edmonton Kia

It’s an easy decision to shop for your next set of winter tires at North Edmonton Kia, or to get your current set swapped on. Those looking for a new set can easily do so using our online tire tool below, where you can conveniently shop for a set perfectly matched to your Kia model, from the top winter tire brands in the industry. Need even more reason to shop at North Edmonton Kia, enjoy these prime benefits:

  • Kia Price-Match Guarantee
  • 0% Financing Available
  • Free Tire Storage
  • Don’t Pay for Up To 6 Months