Pre-Order At North Edmonton Kia

North Edmonton Kia Fall pre-order event

Tired of watching the vehicle you want drive off the lot before you even step inside the building? Or even worse, having to settle for a vehicle that is on the lot because it is what’s available? Consider that a thing of the past!

Our annual Fall Pre-Order Event is your chance to save on our most popular Kia models!

No need to wait for inventory to arrive! Select from best-sellers like Telluride Night Sky, Sorento SX, Carnival SX, Stinger GT Limited, Seltos SX, and more! Equip your dream vehicle exactly the way you want and take advantage of our fall pre-order bonus!

Pre-ordering during this event will not only save you money but even more importantly you’ll save valuable time when your Kia arrives earlier than expected!

Our Fall Pre-Order Event and $1,000 Pre-Order Bonus ends October 31st, make sure you fill out the form to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for!