Road Trip Ready Service Special
Road Trip Ready Service Special

Getting ready for a road trip involves more than just making a playlist and picking up some extra snacks. Use our Road Trip Ready checklist to make sure you have everything you need for an epic road trip this summer.

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Why Get Road Trip Ready?

A road trip is a time to make memories, explore, and see new things. Don't let one of your stops along the trip be to the local dealership or mechanic. Just as important as picking out the snacks and the playlist is making sure your vehicle is ready to hit the road so you YOU get to decide the stops along the way, and not the car.


How To Get Road Trip Ready

Need a checklist of things to do and check on your car before you start your road trip? We have you covered. You can use our list as a do-it-yourself guide, or bring your vehicle in to get it checked by the experts.

Oil Change

Oil Change

Even if you are using synthetic oil during every oil change, it only lasts so long. While synthetic does have a longer lifespan than conventional or hybrid oils, it is still important to change the oil at regular intervals to avoid buildup of sludge and ensure a longer life for your engine. If you are almost due, it might be time to get one done before you log hundreds if not thousands of kilometres during your road trip.

Mechanical Inspection

Visual Inspection

Your oil life and windshield wipers might be easy enough to check, but what about the underlying wear items? Make sure that every part of your vehicle is in tip-top-shape before you head out on the road and have our mechanics do a visual inspection. This will include a visual inspection of wear items, brakes, and fluids. Plus, our certified mechanics will provide a narrated video inspection so you can see exactly what they are seeing and recommending. You will also receive a paper copy you can reference at any time.

Suspension Check

Suspension Check

Before you log hundreds if not thousands of kilometres in your vehicle for a trip, take a look at your suspension. Struts and shocks play an important part both in how your vehicle is handling and the wear of the surrounding components. If your suspension is off, it could cause excessive tire wear and may cause your vehicle to have bad road manners in the form of swaying or nose diving when braking. A quick suspension check can help you get the best ride experience, optimal fuel economy, and give your tires the longest life possible.

Flat Tire

Tire Rotation & Pressure Adjustment

Even if your tires are properly aligned, you might still see uneven wear of your tires if you do not get them rotated frequently. And, when you're heading out on a road trip, you want to put your best, on in this case wheel, forward. It is recommended that you put the tires with the most tread on the driving wheels for better handling.

When it comes to tire pressure, it may come as a surprise just how much an under-inflated tire can impact your fuel economy (2% for every 5 PSI). And if you are going to be loading up your vehicle with extra gear and people, you don't want a flat along a backroad, or to use more gas than you need to. Make sure your tires are not only properly inflated, but that they are holding air and don't have any leaks before you leave.

Windshield Wipers

Windshield Wipers

Whether you hit rain or a dusty road on your trip, make sure you can see. We will check your windshield wipers to make sure they are making proper contact with the windshield and aren't leaving any streaks behind.

Fluid Check

Check All Fluids (and top them up)

Windshield wiper fluid may be the first thing you consider topping up before heading out, but there are numerous other fluids, such as coolant, that are important to your vehicle functioning properly. Let our mechanics check the fluid levels and top up any that may be low so your vehicle is ready for the road, and weather, ahead.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Check

The warmer air is here, make sure your air conditioning works before you need to use it! Our technicians will do a check to make sure the system is working properly and will keep the inside of your vehicle cool on those hot summer days.

Vehicle Detail


Don't start your road trip with a dirty vehicle. Our Road Trip Ready package includes a touchless detail so you can start your trip with a clean ride.

Are You Road Trip Ready?

If your vehicle isn't quite ready to hit the road, let us help! This road trip season we are offering a special package to make sure your vehicle is prepared to take the road less travelled and get you back home safely. Our package covers all of the above highlights, and with the TruVideo inspection, you will get insight on any other services you may need to get done in the future or before you head out. Make sure you book early to take advantage of our deal and get your car in before your trip.