Air Conditioning Service in Edmonton, AB

A/C System Maintenance at North Edmonton Kia

People often focus around how cold Edmonton and Alberta at-large can get, but often forget how blisteringly hot our summers can get. Although not as extended as the frigid periods in our capital region, it’s important to ensure your vehicle is set to properly cool you over the intensive summer months. Thus, an A/C system service may be in order for your Kia to ensure it’s ready for the hot temperatures that the summer will bring along. What exactly does the air conditioner system do, how does it work and how do you know when it’s time for service? Read on with our North Edmonton Kia service team to find out.

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Air Conditioning System

We all know that your air conditioning system pushes cool air into your cabin to help regulate your temperature, but what else makes this system work? A typical A/C system consists of a few components: an evaporator, blower unit and cabin air filter. That cabin air filter will help collect pollutants and prevent them from entering the cabin, working alongside the A/C system as it controls the flow, quality and temperature of the air being produced from the system. If any one of these components gets compromised or clogged, it can severely affect the working power of your A/C system.

How to Know When Your Air Conditioning Needs Service

On average you should get your A/C system serviced each year, in the spring in preparation for the summer. At the very least it should be checked to ensure it’s ready for the hot season. Filters should typically be replaced each year. If you’re wondering if there’s any signs to look out for that may tip you toward having to get service now, we’ve collected a few of the top ones here.

  • Where normally you would feel cool air coming out of the vents you’re now getting hot air instead.
  • If along with the air coming from the vents you smell an odd odour, too
  • The power of the air being pushed from the vents isn’t as strong as it once was

Get Air Conditioning Service at North Edmonton Kia

Get ready for the hot summer months and stay cool inside your vehicle on each and every drive and get air conditioning service from our North Edmonton Kia experts. We can troubleshoot any problems you have, and ensure that your A/C system is working as it should. Contact our service team, today, or book a service appointment using the convenience of our online booking process.

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