Battery Service & Repair in Edmonton, AB

Battery Maintenance  at North Edmonton Kia

The battery in your Kia is one of the most important parts of its internal systems, and Kia genuine batteries were made specifically for your model. These batteries were both manufactured and tested to meet all of what a Kia demands. You need to bring in your vehicle for regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure that you stay on the road where you belong, and that you won’t be unexpectedly stranded, especially when the frigid cold weather months hit our city. Read on to learn more from our North Edmonton Kia service & parts experts about why car batteries are so vital, along with their continued service.

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Why your Battery is Important to Vehicle Operation

Put simply, the battery in your car provides for your Kia’s starting power. It also has another key function, working as a surge protector for the onboard computer as well as back-up power when the engine is off for the wipers, stereo, GPS and lights. Kia genuine batteries are essential for your Kia because they provide this electric power to your onboard systems, yes, but are specifically made to ensure your Kia can do so in even the coldest and hottest of temperatures, which we here in Edmonton know all about. Both cold and hot weather can do tough damage to your battery, but Kia genuine batteries are engineered to hold up.

How Long Does a Vehicle Battery Last?

A standard battery in a vehicle will give you service between three and five years. In more applicable terms to what you may deal with day-to-day, think of your smartphone. When your phone battery goes from 100% down to 5%, then you charge it back up to 100%, that’s one cycle. A traditional flooded automotive battery can produce up to 40 – 60 cycles, which equal that rought 3 – 5 year timeframe.

What are the Signs that a Car Battery Needs Changing?

You may be wondering what to look out for to know when your car battery needs changing, so we’ve compiled a list of the top reasons. Keep an eye out of these:

  • Check engine light
  • Low battery fluid level
  • Bloated battery case
  • Swollen battery case
  • Corrosion or film around the battery
  • A delayed start
  • Dimmed headlights
  • Cranking or clicking when starting
  • Dashboard lights work, but your vehicle won’t start
  • Multiple jumpstarts have been required

Get Battery Service at North Edmonton Kia

Whether you know, it’s time for a new battery, want to get your battery looked at, or if you have other questions, our North Edmonton Kia service experts are here to help. Contact our team by phone, or fill out the form below to book a service appointment where we’ll be more than happy to assist you and your vehicle