Auto Detailing in Edmonton, AB

Our Detailing Department at North Edmonton Kia

Keep your vehicle looking as gorgeous as the day you bought it, thanks to our detailing department here at North Edmonton Kia. It’s no secret that while living in Alberta, your vehicle goes through a lot, whether it’s the grimy winter season or the bug-infested summertime weather. As durable as a Kia is, that’s a lot for a vehicle to take on, and our Kia detailing experts are here to bring your vehicle back to its pristine condition and have it ready for the next season ahead. Our detailing technicians have years of experience and know how to treat your Kia both inside and out. Read on to learn more about why detailing is so important, some of the services we offer, and to book an appointment, today.

Why Get Your Vehicle Detailed?

There’s more to it than just looking great (although that is a fantastic reason all by itself), but there are many reasons why you should prioritize having your vehicle detailed.
Service technician standing in car shop

Maintain Great Health:

Detailing isn’t all about looks. Ensuring that contaminants that may be on your vehicle don’t stick around for longer periods of time to inflict damage is just as important. From dirt to salt and more, protect your vehicle from the environmental hazards of the road.
Front side view of Kia Sportage driving on road

Vehicle Performance:

Those contaminants mentioned above can also affect vehicle performance and how your vehicle drives. Proper detailing can get rid of build-up in your engine and restore previous performance levels.
Vehicle service technician polishing vehicle

Touch-up Scratches & Paint:

Is there a mark or scratch on your vehicle that just won’t go away and is a complete eyesore to you? Our team can help preserve both the body and paint colour of your vehicle.
Service technician cleaning car seat with tools

Seat Material Maintenance:

You may not think much of it, but sitting in your vehicle’s seats time after time, day after day, slowly wears them down, depending on the material. Nobody wants cracked or torn seats, so prepare and protect with interior detailing.
Person handing over car keys to another person in dealership


If you have eyes to sell your car, detailing it is a quick way to increase its value by presenting it in its best possible condition and look. No buyer wants to purchase a dirty car, so ensure you give your vehicle a proper detail when selling. It’s beneficial to all parties involved.

Our Detailing Services

Our detailing services cover both exterior and interior options for you to get your Kia or off-make vehicle looking as good as it did when it first rolled off the lot. The North Edmonton Kia detailing team is ready to have your vehicle sparkle & shine. Be sure to explore our latest specials to find the latest detailing offers that may benefit your next trip to our dealership.

  • Exterior wash
  • Waxing
  • Buffing
  • Interior clean
  • Vacuuming
  • Shampooing
  • Paint repair
  • Scuff and scratches fixes

Book a Detailing Appointment at North Edmonton Kia

Booking your next detailing appointment is as simple as can be. Easily book it online through our handy service scheduling portal or through the form below. Of course, we’re more than happy to take your appointment by phone, or by dropping by our dealership for a visit. We can’t wait to speak with you and get to work on making sure your Kia looks and performs as good as it ever did.