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Drive Belt Service at North Edmonton Kia

Underneath the hood of a vehicle are many moving parts that help it run smoothly and perform its best. Drive belts are just a few of the essential parts your vehicle needs and without them, your vehicle would not be able to run. Most vehicles have anywhere between one and three drive belts that include a Timing belt, Serpentine belt and a V-belt. V-belts are not as common as they once were so today’s vehicles mostly just use Timing belts and Serpentine belts. Each belt is different and offers its own unique set of functions so, it’s important to understand the purpose of each belt in order to be able to recognize when it is not functioning properly. Keep reading to learn more about the differences between these Drive belts, what they do and when you should have them replaced.

What Is a Drive Belt and Why Does Your Vehicle Need Them?

A drive belt is a loop of flexible material that helps keep your vehicle running properly by transmitting power to different parts of your engine. Below, you’ll learn more about the different types of Drive belts, what they do for your vehicle and how often they should be serviced or replaced.

  • Timing Belt – A Timing belt helps to link your vehicle’s engine crankshaft to its camshaft. A camshaft helps open and close engine valves while a crankshaft helps your engine’s pistons rotate. A timing belt should never be ignored as it is a vital component of your vehicle. Over time, a Timing belt will wear down and can malfunction, which can cause costly engine repairs.
  • Serpentine Belt – A Serpentine belt sends power to a vehicle’s steering pump, alternator, water pump and air conditioner compressor. Without it, none of these systems would work properly.
  • V-Belt – A V-belt typically travels between two engine accessories and is commonly found in older model vehicles. V-belts in older vehicles are used for power steering, air conditioning and other essential parts and systems.


When Should You Replace Drive Belts?

To ensure that your Drive belts continue to function and perform properly, it is recommended that you replace them every 100,000 kilometres. With an annual vehicle inspection every year, your vehicle’s Drive belts can be inspected and evaluated for any sign of damage or severe wear and tear.




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