Electrical System Service in Edmonton, AB

Electrical Maintenance at North Edmonton Kia

Your house or your vehicle, the electrical system plays a vital role in proper and safe operation of your most prized possessions. Thus, it stands to reason that electrical system service is doubly important for your vehicle. Trust in our team here at North Edmonton Kia to ensure your electrical system is in order. Read on to learn more about how the system works and how to know when you may need service.

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How the Electrical System Works

We know that when some people hear the word “electrical” that they get scared away and intimated, but that’s where our North Edmonton Kia technicians come into play to tackle it all for you. But, what exactly is the electrical system and what is it composed of? There are often 3 vital parts of an electrical system in your vehicle: alternator, battery and starter. These parts work in concert with each other to create power that needs power to start your engine, and to kick-start the combustion system. The electrical system not only gets your vehicle out on the road, but powers other systems like the lights, stereo and on-board computers.

How to Know When Your Electrical System Needs Service

When should you come in to see our North Edmonton Kia team for needed service? There are a few warning signs that you should keep an eye out for.
Engine icon

● If it’s difficult to start your engine, and you hear funny noises when doing so.
Battery icon

● If you start to have battery issues and you notice issues with the ease of a start.
Headlight icon

● If you take note of your lights being dimmer than normal.
Voltmeter icon

● If you experience a blown fuse.
Warning icon

● If you notice an off smell, which could be a burnt wire, plastic or insulation.

Get Electrical System Service at North Edmonton Kia

Do you need electrical system service on your Kia or off-make? Our service technicians here at North Edmonton Kia are expertly trained and come with the best tools and technology in the business to treat your vehicle. Get a problem addressed before it becomes a bigger issue, here at our Edmonton Kia dealership.