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Filter Maintenance at North Edmonton Kia

You may not see them in action, but the filters in your vehicle are working to prevent harmful contaminants from affecting you, your passengers and your Kia’s most important components. Thus, regular service and attention needs to be paid to them, to ensure they’re not clogged and that they’re fit for proper protection. From air filters to cabin filters to oil filters and more, explore more with our North Edmonton Kia team about why filter service is so important, and how you can book service here at our dealership.

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Filter Maintenance: Air, Cabin & Oil Filters

Filters don’t get the credit they deserve inside your vehicle. They may not be flashy but they get the job done, protecting your vehicle from harmful elements and ensuring that your Kia’s systems are able to operate to their peak performance. Let’s take a quick look at a few of the most important filters in your vehicle, and see what exactly they do.
Technician holding air filter above hood of vehicle

Air filter:

If you treat your engine well it’ll treat you well back, and making certain that it’s able to work at its peak potential is vital for top performance, efficiency and reduction of emissions. The air filter prevents contaminants from getting into your engine so it can work as it should.
Technician holding new cabin filter

Cabin filter:

The cabin of your vehicle should be a sanctuary away from any harmful contaminants that you may be driving through. Your air filter helps it be this way by making sure, as much as possible, that elements like dust and pollen don’t find themselves inside.
Technician removing oil filter from under hood

Oil filter:

The oil in your vehicle is a vital fluid that keeps everything properly lubricated, but which is susceptible to being contaminated. Enter the trusty oil filter, working to promote a proper flow of oil and to remove harmful contaminants that won’t let it do its job as intended.

Signs That Your Vehicle Needs a New Filter

It’s all well and good that you know why filters are so important, but how do you know when exactly to change them? It’s always important to have your filters checked during regularly scheduled maintenance, and by following your owner’s manual guidelines for your specific model. But, for those looking for a more kilometer-based metric, every 8,000 km is a good benchmark to follow. Of course, only you know your driving habits, so if you’re constantly driving in a dusty environment, it will serve you to check and change more frequently.

Get Filter Service at North Edmonton Kia

Do you have filters that need replacing, or want an expert Kia technician to check your filters? Our Kia service experts are here to serve your Kia and its filters, ensuring your vehicle is properly protected. Contact us with any questions you may have, or book service with us online, today.