Maintenance Packages at North Edmonton Kia

Kia Recommended Maintenance in Edmonton, AB

Your Kia deserves the best care and attention possible in order for it to run at its top potential and serve your needs at the greatest level of performance and safety. Thus, regular maintenance is always recommended for your Kia, with a timeline of every 6 months or 6,000 km being a good benchmark to stick by as to when your vehicle is due for service. Our North Edmonton Kia service department is a state-of-the-art facility with the latest tools and technology used by certified technicians to properly care for your Kia. Read on and explore the maintenance packages we have available, along with our service pricing*.

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*Prices are subject to change. All prices are exclusive of fees & taxes.

Why Follow Recommended Kia Maintenance

There are many reasons we suggest sticking to a 6-month/6,000 km schedule, as it results in a host of benefits for your Kia vehicle ownership.

  • Ensure that you are able to maintain your current warranty coverage
  • Be able to resell your vehicle at a higher value, given its top condition
  • Regular service helps prevent major repairs in the future, which can cost a great deal
  • Service on a consistent schedule helps to extend the overall life of your vehicle
  • Cuts down on the chance that your vehicle will suffer a mechanical breakdown
  • Works to help improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency

Recommended Maintenance Packages

We’ve made things easy for you here at North Edmonton Kia. Our recommended maintenance packages combine a wide selection of our top offerings to cover you across various tiers of service. Explore below, and find the one that suits your vehicle’s current needs.

Service One $79.98*

  • Replace engine oil & filter
  • Inspect interior & exterior lights
  • Inspect wiper/washer condition & operation
  • Inspect & adjust tire pressure
  • Check coolant, battery, brake & washer fluid levels
  • Check horn function
  • Inspect latches, hinges and lubricate where necessary

Service Two $249.98*

  • Includes Service One items, plus:
  • Replace cabin air filter & service HVAC case
  • Remote & rotate tires
  • Inspect brake systems for proper operation
  • Check pad/shoe thickness
  • Inspect calipers/wheel cylinders for proper operation
  • Check for brake system leaks or damage
  • Adjust parking brake (if needed)
  • Add Kia Pro-Series fuel injection system treatment
  • Inspect engine coolant level & condition
  • Visually inspect engine coolant system for leaks
  • Inspect transmission fluid & top-up (if needed)
  • Lubricate door weatherstrips
  • Road test vehicle

Service Three $389.98*

  • Includes Service Two items, plus:
  • Service front brakes
  • Service rear brakes (includes park brake adjustment)
  • Service battery terminals with State-of-Health print-out
  • Inspect drive belts – condition & tension
  • Inspect vacuum & crankcase ventilation hoses
  • Inspect condition of ignition systems
  • Check drive shafts & boots for leaks

Service Four $569.98*

  • Includes Service Three items, plus:
  • Replace engine coolant
  • Replace engine air filter
  • Replace fuel tank air filter
  • Inspect fuel lines, fuel hoses & connections
  • Inspect complete emission system (including all lines, hoses & fuel filler cap)
  • Inspect complete exhaust system (manifolds, pipes, catalytic converters & muffler)
  • Inspect suspension components (including clocks, struts, links & bushings)
  • Inspect steering gear, linkage, boots & lower arm ball-joints
  • Inspect power steering pump & hoses
  • Inspect transfer case & rear differential fluid level (AWD only)
  • Inspect all seatbelts & anchor integrity

A La Carte Maintenance Prices

Of course, you don’t have to stick with our service packages if you just need individual service, we have you covered, too, thanks to our long list of a la carte maintenance.

  • 4-heel alignment: $159.95*
  • 4-Wheel balance: $104.95*
  • 4-Wheel brake service: $249.95*
  • 4×4 service: $189.95*
  • AC inspection: $99.95*
  • Air filter: $39.95*
  • AVR test: $89.99*
  • Brake fluid replacement: $202.95*
  • Brake inspection: $79.99*
  • Cabin filter: $89.95*
  • Coolant: $239.95*
  • CVT transmission fluid: 279.95*
  • Fuel filter: $204.95*
  • Fuel induction service: $229.95*
  • HVAC service: $139.95*
  • PCV: $72.95* (V6 is +$20)
  • Power steering fluid replacement: $225.95*
  • Safety inspection: $169.95*
  • Spark plug replacement form: $279.95*
  • Throttle body service: $99.95*
  • Timing belt replacement form: $599.95*
  • Tire repair: $39.95*
  • Tire rotation: $49.95*
  • Tire swap off rims: $169.95*
  • Tire swap on rims: $59.95*
  • Transmission fluid: $349.95*
  • Warning light diagnosis: $159.95*

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