Steering System Service in Edmonton, AB

Steering System Service at North Edmonton Kia

It’s easy to sit in a vehicle, grab the steering wheel, make a movement and feel the vehicle follow in line with your direction. There’s a lot that goes into you turning the steering wheel and how that gets directed to the wheels to make a turn, though, with a complex system in place to make it all happen. Steering system service is important to ensure your vehicle is operating as it should be. Read on with our team at North Edmonton Kia to learn how this system works and when to get it serviced.

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How Does the Steering System Work?

The steering system works by transmitting what the driver manipulates the steering wheel, moving it through the steering rack from the steering column, and then finally, that force to the wheels to make your input happen. A crucial feature of the system is the power steering pump and slides that provide power to reduce the needed effort to maneuver the steering wheel. You will find your steering rack to be hydraulic or electric, depending on what vehicle you drive.


When to Get Your Steering System Serviced?

Your steering system is obviously an important part of your vehicle and should be made sure to be serviced at the appropriate times to stay in working order. Please check your owner’s manual for an interval specific to your vehicle, but a general rule is to get service around 80,000 km. Should you have any questions about steering system service or when to come in for said service, please get in touch with our service department, today.


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