Transmission Service in Edmonton, AB

Transmission Fluid Service  at North Edmonton Kia

Transmission fluid is so important with ensuring that your vital transmission system works as it should. It travels through the system collecting dirt and debris, preventing damage of components and lubricating these parts. Keeping up-to-date on the health of your transmission system and when to change its fluid is key to a healthy vehicle, and to avoid large repair costs. Read on as our North Edmonton Kia team outlines the vital nature of transmission service.

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Why is Transmission Fluid so Important?

Many people know of the transmission and its fluid, but aren’t exactly sure what it does day-to-day for your vehicle. Transmission fluid plays an incredibly important part of cooling and lubricating the components in your transmission. Given how vital your transmission is to the proper working order for your vehicle, it stands to reason that its fluid needs to be of the best quality to ensure everything works together. When you have transmission fluid in top health you’ll be able to avoid costly repairs (which can be high given the nature of a transmission), and be able to operate for an extended period of time between services.




How Transmission Fluid Breaks Down

You now know why transmission fluid is so important, yet, unfortunately, it is still vulnerable to breaking down just like all of the other fluids in your vehicle. The transmission fluid is consistently involved in tough work, operating under acute temperatures and constantly regulating cooling and making sure the components are correctly lubricated. Transmission fluid can only do so much, and will break down over time, not being able to do its job at its top potential, which may lead to break down issues.





How Long Does Transmission Fluid Last?

The ultimate answer as to when you should replace your transmission fluid for your particular model will come in the owner’s manual. Generally, though, it doesn’t need to be checked that often if you’re driving your vehicle under traditional circumstances. Kia experts recommend it be replaced around every 90,000 km or so when dealing with more extreme circumstances. Of course, our North Edmonton Kia team is always here for you, and can make sure to inspect your transmission fluid during regular check-ups for peace-of-mind, and give you a specific recommendation on when future service may be needed.




Get Transmission Service at North Edmonton Kia

Treat your Kia to the best transmission service in the city thanks to our trained and certified technicians. Our service department is staffed with a top-level team, working in a state-of-the-art facility and with the latest Kia tools and technology at their disposal. Book your next service, today.