Wheel Alignment Service in Edmonton, AB

Wheel Alignment at North Edmonton Kia

Have you ever felt a strange sensation when driving, like your vehicle is being pulled to one side of the road? This is a sign that your vehicle’s wheel alignment is out of sorts, and that a proper alignment is in order. A wheel alignment aligns the suspension of your Kia so that your vehicle can drive to its top performance potential, providing a stable and efficient ride. If you continually drive with a mis-aligned suspension it can cause a number of problems, including a reduction in efficient and uneven tire wear. Read on to learn more about the importance of wheel alignment, and to get service at North Edmonton Kia.

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What is the Importance of a Wheel Alignment?

The tires on your vehicle need to be touching down on the road at the right angle. They can easily be thrown out of order, which leads to the importance of a wheel alignment to keep them as they should be positioned. There are three angles that concern wheel alignment: Camber, Caster and Toe.
Camber angle icon


concerns the inward/outward tilt of the wheels
Wheel alignment of four wheels icon


concerns the forward/backward tilt of the wheels
Front axel wheel positioning icon


concerns how your tires may turn inward or outward when looked at from above

Why You Shouldn’t Drive with Misaligned Wheels

A little pulling to one side may not seem like a big issue, and something that you could get used to, but it really should not be ignored and can cause several issues for your vehicle when misaligned. This can easily snowball into larger suspension issues that demand repair, which can get pricey. Avoid that cost by keeping up on proper wheel alignment service. Further, having mis-aligned wheels provides for a less stable ride, makes your Kia have to use more fuel, and creates uneven wear on your tires, meaning you may be in need for new tires sooner than you’d like.





How Do You Know You Need a Wheel Alignment?

Now that you know why a wheel alignment is so important, you may be asking how you can look out for potential warning signs that your vehicle is in need of one. Take a look through these top issues to look out for, and know when to act on them to book service:
Tire shaking icon

Your vehicle shakes

Do you feel your vehicle vibrating? It may be time for a wheel alignment.
Vehicle swerving icon

Your vehicle pulls to one side

If your vehicle pulls to the side, it’s one of the biggest signs a wheel alignment is in order.
Steering wheel icon

Your steering wheel feels unstable

If you’re used to a smooth ride but aren’t getting it anymore, that could be a major sign for service.
Magnifying glass over tire tread icon

Your tires are wearing unevenly

Make sure to consistently check your tires for wear, and notice any uneven wear that may make a suspension inspection be in order.

Get Wheel Alignment Service at North Edmonton Kia

Ensure that your Kia is riding with a proper suspension adjustment thanks to wheel alignment service here at North Edmonton Kia. Our team is ready and waiting to help you with all of your service needs, including this vital alignment. Get treated to the best service experience in the city by our Kia technicians, fit with the best tools and technology.