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The majority of people don’t often look forward to shopping for their next vehicle, but our North Edmonton Kia team doesn’t believe that has to be the case. Shopping for a used vehicle can be a fun and informative process when you’re bace with the proper gameplan, and dealership to do said shopping at. Shopping for a used car is a no-nonsense experience here at North Edmonton Kia, where we’ll help you out every step of the way. Preview and arm yourself with the best used sedan, coupe and hatchback information by reading our online overview below, then get in touch to start the process of buying your next used car.

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Browse the Top Car Brands & Body Styles at North Edmonton Kia

The fun part about shopping for a used car is that there’s so many options to choose from, enabling you to find a model that perfectly fits your style and needs. Firstly, us being a Kia dealership means we have all the top Kia car models for you to shop used. From Forte to K5 to Stinger and beyond, our Kia experts will help you find the exact model tailored to you. If you’re looking for a little more variety, we happily stock cars from other top brands like Audi, Dodge, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen and more. Beyond make, we have the body style for you as well, from coupes to hatchbacks to traditional sedans, find the car for your personality.





Why Buy a Used Car at North Edmonton Kia?

Used cars are increasingly becoming a more and more popular choice for drivers in today’s age, and with great reason. There’s many reasons why choosing to buy a used car is a superior choice than doing so on the new side of the ledger.
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Variety in Styles:

As we touched on above, shopping for a car means you’ll be met with a wide variety of options so you can choose exactly what you want. If that’s a Kia, great! If not, there are many other used car model types in our inventory for you to find that works for you.
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Brand new vehicles lose a ton of value as soon as they’re driven off the lot. Buying a used vehicle means you’ll skip that large chunk of value loss being applied to you. While there will be some depreciation still, you can mitigate a lot of it with proper up-keep.
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Cars are made to last for a long time, and not just through one owner, through multiple. Not only are today’s cars incredibly reliable, especially for life in Alberta, our North Edmonton Kia team only curates the best used inventory for you to choose from, so you’ll know you’re picking from the best.
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Flexible Payments:

Buying a vehicle through a used dealership like our compared to privately means you can benefit through our financing team, who can set you up on a plan that works for your needs month-to-month, rather than having to pay a large lump sum at one time.

Tips for Used Car Shopping at North Edmonton Kia

We’re veterans in both the shopping and buying sides of things when it comes to vehicles, and have dealt with countless customers who have come to us for their next car. Needless to say, we’ve procured quite a few obvious and not-so-obvious tips over this time. Follow some of these top highlights.
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Do Your Research:

Our team will certainly help you find the right vehicle for you, but a car is a big purchase, so make sure you do your own research and at least find out what you’re interested in, what you’re looking to use a vehicle for and what you value inside one.
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Watch Your Budget:

We all want the latest and greatest car, but it’s not always in the cards depending on how much it costs, and how much you have to spend. Find a budget that you can confidently afford and make sure you stick to it when shopping. Be sure to shop for a vehicle that you will truly use. Don’t buy a truck just because you want to if you wouldn’t actually even use any of its beneficial features.
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Test Drive:

This is one of those obvious ones, but make sure that you not only look over your potential vehicle but take it for a test drive so you can truly feel how it rides, and see how you feel inside.

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Have we accurately primed you for your next used car shopping experience? We hope so, but if you have any further questions, concerns, or you’re just ready to get started, please don’t hesitate to contact our North Edmonton Kia team now, all experts in Kia and used cars.