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When it comes down to it, there’s no better vehicle to shepherd your family where you need to go than a minivan. A minivan is perfectly engineered to satisfy what a family demands, from passenger space to storage space to advanced tech to the latest and greatest safety features in the industry. North Edmonton Kia is your local destination for the best used minivan vehicle selection in the city. Are you looking for a used minivan, and need a little further pushing on why it’s the right choice and what it can do for you? Read on as we break down everything in our used minivan buying guide.

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Browse the Top Minivan Brands at North Edmonton Kia

The Kia lineup is highlighted by the Kia Carnival as our brand’s stalwart minivan option, which you can buy new or used here at our dealership. It’s not just the Carnival here at our dealership for you to browse for your minivan needs though, as we stock the top minivan brands in the industry. From Dodge to Chrysler to Honda and more, shopping in our used minivan inventory greets you with a wide selection to choose from. Our inventory is consistently being refreshed, so be sure to check back each month for the latest models.

Top Reasons to Buy a Used Minivan at North Edmonton Kia

With so many different kinds of vehicle types available to buy today, and with SUVs further encroaching on their territory over the years, why should you buy a minivan? We’ve collected some of the top reasons why below.

Variety of Features

Not only do minivans come at a great price, but they pack so many varieties into that price tag to make them wholly worth it. As we outlined above, minivans are for families, which means satisfying a wide swath of masters, from driver and passenger space to child safety to storage ability to convenience and so much more. Entertainment for passengers and the smart tech for the driver always makes each minivan ride one of the modern age.






Minivans are built for everything kids get up to, which means they’re built to be dependable for years to come. Minivans have been designed to withstand both the unpredictability of children and the hazards of the road.









Similar to other vehicles, new minivans see a large chunk of depreciation as soon as they’re driven off the lot. And, while we know you want the best looking vehicle possible, you must likely understand that buying a minivan means you’re expecting it to receive a ton of wear from kids and cargo, alike. That means a used minivan is perfect, giving you a trusty option and one that skips out on the new price tag.





Minivans have been tried and true for years, which means that shopping used allows you to look at brands, models and trims from years past that may perfectly suit your needs, and are still ready and waiting to serve you for years to come.







Tips for Used Minivan Shopping

Need some help shopping for your next used minivan? Our North Edmonton Kia team is here with some tips below. Should you need more assistance, we’re more than happy to walk you through the entire process, step-by-step.

Passenger Space

 How many people are you expecting to carry with you? Big kids? Small children? Looking to add to your family in the future? Know what your passenger situation will look like, and buy according to that. No need to buy too big if you won’t use that space.






Storage Space

Similarly to the passengers, what are you going to be using your minivan for? Simple driving the kids around, grocery shopping and hockey practices? Or, are you looking to adventure out on road trips and getaway on weekends. This can affect your minivan cargo options. And, don’t forget about add-on accessories like roof racks.







Family Systems

 Minivans mean kids onboard, which means we know you’re going to want some extra peace-of-mind when it comes to the safety systems on the minivan. Make extra special note when researching and shopping of all of the safety systems, and make a list of ones you’d like to see, which could include a back-up camera, exit warnings and more.







Performance doesn’t quite jump off the page when it comes to minivan shopping, but it should still be something that you keep in mind. Fuel efficiency is certainly what you’re going to be most focused on. If you’re especially concerned, there’s more and more hybrid/electric minivan options than ever for you to browse.





Test Drive/Inspection

Test driving is, perhaps, even more important with a minivan. When we say test driving it’s not all about the driving, but doing a thorough inspection of the vehicle for not only you as the driver, but the passenger and rear cabin space as well for the safety, comfort and convenience of your rear passengers.





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