Used SUV Buying Guide in Edmonton, AB

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If you take a quick look at any road in Edmonton, chances are you’ll see an SUV or crossover driving by. It’s no wonder why they’re the most popular style of vehicles on the road, even in a pickup-happy province like ours that we live in. A used SUV or crossover is the perfect choice for your next vehicle, and our North Edmonton Kia used vehicle department will make your shopping experience a total breeze. Read on to learn not only why you should pick a used SUV but why you should do so at our North Edmonton Kia dealership, from having the top brands to the many advantages that come with an SUV.

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Browse the Top SUV Brands at North Edmonton Kia

The Kia model lineup is stocked full of a wide variety of SUVs & crossovers. From the sporty Sportage to the adventure-ready Telluride to the modern Seltos to the family-friendly Carnival to hybrid electric options, there’s a ton you can choose from. If a Kia doesn’t fit your needs at the moment, that’s okay, as we also stock an extensive selection of off-make brands as well from other top automakers in the industry. Shop brands such as Ford, Chevrolet, Honda, GMC, Toyota, and more. Our used inventory is constantly changing, so be sure to check back often for the latest additions that may fit your eye.

Top Reasons to Buy a Used SUV at North Edmonton Kia

There’s a reason that you see so many SUVs out on the road because they just have so many advantages that make them appealing for the modern-day driver, whether it’s just you or you have an entire family in tow. Read on and browse some of our top reasons why an SUV may be perfect for you.


An SUV can do so much for a driver. From adventuring into the off-road, to commuting, to heading out to hockey practice, to road tripping and more, whatever you need out of an SUV, it can provide it for you. This includes a plethora of cargo and passenger space, tech systems, utility features, performance highlights and more. All of this comes at a lesser price thanks to its used condition. Even a used vehicle that’s a few years old may not have the exact latest features but still offers a ton to satisfy, especially with the exchange of a lesser price.



Building off of the previous point, no matter what you’re looking to do with your vehicle, there’s an SUV for you. Find small SUVs for city travel, AWD models for tough weather traveling, large SUVs for families, and so much more.





This is a top highlight for any kind of used vehicle but bears repeating for your used SUV. As we mentioned, you can get an exceptional SUV that’s only a few years old, still with great features, but with someone else taking the depreciation hit and you getting it for a lesser price.




Built to Last:

You need a vehicle that you can depend on, especially if you have a family along with you and the expectation that your SUV may take more of a beating than usual. SUVs are designed to last, whether that’s from wear and tear from children or from traversing through treacherous terrain. Trust in SUVs, years old, to be in top condition to serve you for years to come.




Tips for Used SUV Shopping

New or experienced in buying vehicles, everybody could use a few tips when it comes to easily shopping for their vehicle. Our North Edmonton Kia team is here to guide you through the process every step of the way, but in the meantime, here are some top tips to keep in mind.
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Do your research. There are a wide variety of SUVs out there, so think about what you will be using your vehicle for, and target your search around SUVs of that style and brand. If you don’t need a lot of space for passengers, don’t look at large SUVs. If you’re looking to head out into the Alberta backcountry, ensure your SUV is specifically primed for such travel.
Used SUV Buying Guide

Find Features for You:

Related to our previous point, SUVs come fit with a wide range of features, all of which can make your life easier. From performance features to off-road highlights to family-focused additions, take your research one step further and make sure to look for an SUV with features that will benefit your needs.
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Inspect & Test Drive:

It’s one thing to research online and in person the SUV you want, but when you’ve narrowed it down, make sure you actually experience the vehicle in person to see if it lives up to your desires, and is something you can see yourself in. Because it’s a used vehicle, make sure to inspect it yourself, although every used vehicle in our North Edmonton Kia lot can be trusted to be at a top standard for our customers. Take it for a test drive and acquaint yourself with all of its features and see how comfortable you feel.

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