Used Truck Buying Guide in Edmonton, AB

Shop Used Pickups at North Edmonton Kia

Edmonton is one of the home of pickup trucks not only in the province but across the entire country. While Kia may not have any specific truck models for you to shop, our used inventory selection greatly picks up the slack with a variety of worthwhile options throughout popular off-make brands. Not only are we Kia experts but being based out of Edmonton means we’re pickup truck experts. Make North Edmonton Kia your next destination when it comes to shopping for your next used pickup truck. Follow along to learn more about our used truck services, and how you can make your shopping experience as easy as can be.

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Browse the Top Pickup Brands at North Edmonton Kia

The Kia model lineup contains a ton of varied model types from crossover to large SUV to sedan to hatchback and more, but a pickup truck has yet to find itself in the line. Still, we’re happy to house some of the most popular off-make brands in our used inventory, so you can shop for a pickup that will rival those you see across our city streets. From Ram to Ford to Chevrolet and beyond, our used pickup inventory ensures you can shop for the top models out there.

Top Reasons to Buy a Used Pickup at North Edmonton Kia

It doesn’t take much to convince an Edmonton driver why buying a used pickup would be a good idea for life across our province, but if you’re looking for a little extra about why you should make a truck purchase, read on as we list some of the top reasons why.


Whether it be a jobsite or taking it out into the backcountry, life here in Alberta is bound to get down and dirty when traversing the elements and weather that face us year-round. You need a vehicle that can stand up to all of this, and a truck does so with ease thanks to its reliable construction and off-road features.





Pickup trucks can get incredibly pricey, and that’s even before you customize it with add-ons and special features. Shopping for a used truck still gets you that pickup you want, albeit maybe a few years old, but allows you to pay much less than you would have new.




Added Features

One of the beauties of pickup trucks is their seemingly limitless ability to be modified or upgraded with features. Whether it be upfitting its physical style, or just adding on accessories to improve its safety, convenience, functionality, off-road ability or more, pickup trucks were made to be customized to meet your needs.





 Not only do new pickup trucks cost a lot, but they lose a ton of their value right off the bat. Ignore that depreciation by buying a used truck. Given how popular pickup trucks are here in Alberta, you can still properly maintain your truck and sell it for a great price without losing much of its value.




Tips for Used Pickup Shopping

Few people enjoy the process of shopping for a vehicle, and while we make everything as easy as we possibly can, we’ve collected a handful of tips that you can follow to make your own time looking for a pickup as seamless as possible.
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Understand Your Needs

Whenever people shop for things they tend to want the latest and greatest, and vehicle shopping is no stranger to this as well. When you’re shopping for a used pickup, be honest with yourself about what you’ll actually use it for and what features you actually may need. If you’re not going to be towing, you may not need that top-level towing package. This can help you further narrow down your choice.
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Make Special Note of Specific Truck Features on Inspection

Our North Edmonton Kia inventory is of terrific quality to even be sold on our lot, but whenever you’re inspecting a potential vehicle, ensure that you give special attention to important truck features like the suspensions, 4x4 system, bed, towing and more to make certain they’re of the best quality.
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Go on a Test Drive

This goes for every vehicle you're looking at, but especially so with a truck. Pickup trucks ride very differently from other types of vehicles, so take it for a test drive, run through all the features and ensure everything feels comfortable and convenient for you to operate.

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